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Guide to Plymouth Guildhall (England)

GuidhallPlymouth Guildhall is a historic building centrally located in the city of Plymouth and now used for events including exhibitions, expos and shows. Designed by the architects Jason Hine and Alfred Norman, the Guildhall was built during the Victorian era, hence the building clearly displays Gothic architectural style. The building suffered severed damages during the Second World War when the city was bombed by Germans.

The Plymouth Guildhall’s existence would have come to an end during these devastating bombings had the Plymouth Council not made an effort to restore it. Today, the building is a well-known landmark in the city centre and often plays host to important exhibitions, festivals and conferences. Plymouth Guildhall can also be hired for private gatherings.

Plymouth Guildhall boasts a vast space which can be further divided into several sections. The premises include a forecourt which leads to the foyer and the main hall. The building also has a lounge area, a secondary hall and a number of general rooms. The forecourt area is used for the parking of vehicles and can accommodate up to 30 vehicles at a time. During festivals and exhibitions, the forecourt can also be used to place hoardings and large banners, although formal approval has to be acquired to do the same. The foyer area is open to everyone and cannot be hired out since it contains the cloakrooms, rest rooms and a telephone service as well. The main hall is favoured for its spaciousness and can hold large groups of people. The secondary hall is self-sufficient in terms of facilities and is often hired for a variety of events.

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